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Their confl ict leads to the ledge of a building in a test of faith. "Making the movie, I became much more just interested in observing without judgment," says Tyler."I'm a curious person and have a diverse background — half my family is Republican, half is Democrat, my mom went to Catholic boarding school.Just like last week, we're looking at one particular aspect of these ladies' lives - who they've dated.And, no, it's not because that's the only thing that makes them valuable.Tyler’s legs have turned much stronger than before. Aries Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom Hunnam attended Heaton Manor School in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne.Hugh Laurie (awesome), Kenneth Branagh (awesome), and has been with Greg Wise since 1995. MAGGIE (beat Ellen Page in Round One): married to a British actor named Robert Stephens in the 60s and 70s and widowed by her second husband, British writer Beverley Cross, in 1998.

(This one is gonna kill me.)AMY (beat Rose Byrne in Round One): only one listed - current marriage to Darren Le Gallo. extremely happy but surprised by the result): Eddie Redmayne, Shia Leboeuf, and currently married to Marcus Mumford of the band Mumford & Sons. JENNIFER (beat Tiffani Amber Thiessen in Round One): has anyone else's dating life been more examined? Tate Donovan, Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, and currently married to Justin Theroux.On the other hand, they also reinforce the unspoken idea that in order for a female character to be worth identifying with, she should really try to rein in the gross girly stuff.This implies that unless a female character is “strong,” she is not interesting or worth identifying with..Clearly there's way more, but in the interest of saving time research a million ladies and still having interesting tidbits to read as we vote, we're sticking with just relationships this round.REESE (beat Demi Moore in Round One): Jeremy Sisto (the hot bearded detective on Law and Order that one time), Chris O'Donnell, Jake Gyllenhaal, married to Ryan Philippe for awhile, and currently married to Jim Toth.

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