Courting not dating

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“They are enjoying getting to know each other and are recommending sermons to one another.” No, that is not a euphemism.

Here’s the run-down on how dating Duggar-style works: Jim Bob Duggar explains courting: “Courting is getting to know each other in a group setting, both families spending time together and the couple setting goals together to determine if they are meant to marry.

Many simply slip or tumble into dating situations, seemingly not caring how this happens, or even consider in order to successfully date—and be able to eventually move on to the more serious courtship and pursuit of marriage.

This article describes the proper attitude and approach to courting.

There are specific processes involved in proper dating that will help lead you down the right path. Again, this term is very rarely used in society today, and most do not have any idea what it really means.

Webster’s states that courting is “to engage in social activities leading to engagement and marriage.” Most would reply, “But isn’t that dating? Courting is a separate but important and intricate part of the process pointing toward and leading to marriage.

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