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The best laptops and accessories for senior citizens range from easy to use computers that arrive with software installed to super-charged yet easy to use laptops with intuitive design.

The trick to finding the best laptops for senior citizens is to take into account the user’s comfort and familiarity with computers and to buy the best model that’s within the available budget.

It is also stain-resistant, scratch-proof unless done at will, and is uninviting for termites.

Little Red Riding Hood, that was a bit of a weird one wasn't it?

The 46-year-old Pixler shares 1,400 square feet with what is technically a 12-member household — seven people and five animals. Pixler and her daughter Shaylin Madsen, 9, share a room on the main level.

Pixler's other daughter, Cassidie, 21, and Cassidie's fiance, Jordan Quandee, share a bedroom on the second story with their son, Kaiden Quandee, 1.

The 10 Best Laptops for Senior Citizens The following laptops received high ratings from individuals who’ve purchased them for themselves or for elderly parents and grandparents.

Each laptop was evaluated for ease of use, any accessibility issues, functionality and price.1.

Today’s senior citizens are just as likely to be emailing, shopping, banking and tweeting online as they are to mail a letter, drive to the mall, make a bank deposit in person or phone a friend.

IRELAND’S CONOR MCGREGOR will fight US boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr tonight in a bout that is set to break records.

It’s expected that the Irish fighter will earn more than 0 million from the fight with his more decorated opponent potentially earning over 0 million.

Pixler's son, Tory Rebelak, 26, lives in the finished basement with his fiancee, Tina Phouthavong.

Rounding out the bunch are cats, Oliver and Shadow; Louie, a 110-pound German Shepherd; and two snakes, Natas and Bronco, who live in a large tank that takes up a good portion of the living room.

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