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I have not only built a company that I am extremely proud of, I am cooking the food I want to cook, learning how to farm and raise animals, traveling the world, and spending more time with people I love.

TB: What is the most important lesson you learned from ?

Leading up to Wednesday night's Season 5 finale of "Top Chef," it seemed things could go one of two ways: Either cocky chef Stefan was going to take home the title for Team Europe or lovable underdog Carla was going to pull an upset.

The third contestant, Hosea Rosenberg, had proved himself a consistently strong chef, but all the focus seemed to be on what he was doing with fellow contestant Leah rather than what he was doing in the kitchen.

When I walk out of the restaurant, I smell like kitchen and it's gross so I don't need all my other clothes to smell too." In the latest episode's digital series In My Kitchen, Leah also shows off some of the amazing cooking tools she's collected over the years—many of which have helped her develop the recipes featured at her Lower East Side restaurant. Her Chitarra, an Italian pasta cutter that looks like a guitar. It's authentic in flavor, but reinterpreted for me." Want to get an exclusive look at other Cheftestants' kitchens?

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TB: Follow up question: How has your life changed in the long term?

After she left the show, Leah, who admits she's still friends with Hosea today, wanted to disappear from the limelight. It was a life-changing trip: not only did she score a unique set of knives, she also picked up some cooking skills from famed chef Alvin Leung.

Carla Hall is one of the most recognizable alumni of the entire franchise, Leah Cohen is killing it at Pig and Khao in New York City, and who can forget Fabio Viviani? We caught up with Hosea Rosenberg, who is now living in Boulder, Colorado. Rosenberg is constantly evolving, and he is embracing Colorado.

I mean it just feels so good and then all the love I’m getting from my friends, family and the community -- it just feels great.

Was it obvious while you were all preparing the final challenge what was going on with Carla and Casey?

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